Border Reverb
8 - 13 June, Clandestino festival, Göteborg (Swe)

(click on the flyer for a close-up)
Raul Gschrey, Moustache Collectif, Helen Turner, Ashley Wong
Curated by Benoît Loiseau & Joanna Figiel
Preview/Performance: TBC
Screening: Friday 11 June, 18.30-20.30
Hey, It’s Enrico Pallazzo Banehagsgatan 1p, 415 51, Göteborg
A year ago, LDN/BRU started working actively towards what was going to be its first show and the beginning of a long, sometimes uncertain, but extremely exciting journey. This sucessful event at Congrès Station in Brussels in October 2009 saw a group of international creatives taking over the public space; turning Gare du Congrès into a collaborative lab for art, performances, music and debate.
Soon after, the collective was invited to work with Beyond Borders Network and the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths to develop Border Infection, an engaging series of workshops, debates and performances along with an art exhibition, held at Goldsmiths and the Amersham Arms (London) in March 2010.
Border Reverb is the last of a series of events that work with the themes of borders, activism and the arts. Once again, LDN/BRU will have the pleasure to raise its profile and work alongside Beyond Borders to present a collection of videos by international artists, in the context of Clandestino Festival in beautiful Göteborg, Sweden. The works function as a response to the theme of the reunion, investigating issues and limitations surrounding human flows, surveillance culture, ownership and the distinction between private and public sphere.
Workshops and talks will offer challenges to restrictive immigration laws and practices and the ways these intersect with creativity, performance and artistic and musical opposition. Border Reverb will include keynote presentations by Eyal Weizman, Julian Henriques, Abhijit Roy and Rangan Chakravorty. The five-day session will begin with a special evening event on Tuesday, 8 June, with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in conversation with John Hutnyk.
For more information regarding the talks, please visit Clandestino's website.